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Full Version: Risian Corvette T5-U
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Hey guys,

Just made a standard build for a corvette (havent put in skill points as looking for this bit first!)

Would appreciate a little bit of feedback Smile

Right now, it is incredibly hard to use with beams, either that or im just not used to flying escorts with beam arrays.
The DBB at the front is to facilitate the Beam Overload skill in lt cmmdr.

Not sure about using the universal consoles I have in there! Mainly looking for a hand with engineering consoles, and twinning the boff skills with a good engine/deflector combo.

Was maybe thinking Undine in the future, but for now, I have the kobali there.

Let me know!
Speed is an asset for sure but for attack runs it is almost better to slow down so you get more time on target, then accelerate to spin around for another shot.
Here is my take on the Risian Corvette. Major speed build, originally intended for the Tour the Galaxy mission, but now also used for some combat missions.

Let me know what you think. I know this baby hauls booty in sector space, and when I do use her in combat I find it fun.