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Full Version: Unexpected maintenance... Again!
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"Star Trek Online is currently offline. We are aware of this issue and currently working on bringing the server back online as soon as possible. Please check the forums for more information."

Hopefully this is not the start of a weekly shard outage again. I don't know about the rest of you, but I was just finished with an Infected STF and about to collect my reward. What was in my bag you ask? A server outage!! :lol: Nice reward system. I guess all those Ferengi lockboxes finally overloaded the servers. Perhaps they're dropping too much? Wait, maybe it was the complete lack of Rare borg tech drops that was overloading the servers :cry: Yeah, that didn't make sense. Probably the lockboxes.... darn lockboxes :x
I didn't know there were so many complaints. I also tried to get into the first event and failed. It was my understanding that this outage was unintentional. It certainly came as a great surprise to me. The dev post about the outage also didn't mention any patches being applied. I agree that the event mission needs to be changed substantially. Any reasonably skilled an intelligent gamer should be able to complete this mission on perhaps the first or second try. I teamed up with someone who had 6 previous tries all result in failure. In a larger ship this mission would not be difficult, however small craft I believe lack the capability to counter a constant spawn of enemies as well as protect another small craft.