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Direct Energy Modulation III -- [email protected]
Eject Warp Plasma III -- Samuel [email protected]
Emergency Power to Engines III -- Samuel [email protected]
Emergency Power to Shields III -- [email protected], Samuel [email protected]
Emergency Power to Weapons III -- Samuel [email protected]
Engineering Team III -- Samuel [email protected]
Extend Shields III -- [email protected], Samuel [email protected]
Phaser Turret Fabrication III -- Samuel [email protected]

Attack Patter Beta III -- David R [email protected]
Beam Fire at Will III -- David R [email protected]
Dispersal Pattern Beta III -- David R [email protected]
Tactical Team III -- David R [email protected]
Torpedo: High Yield III -- David R [email protected]

Feedback Pulse III -- [email protected]
Gravimetric Shift III -- [email protected]
Hazard Emitters III -- [email protected]
Jam Sensors III -- [email protected]
Tricorder Scan III -- [email protected]
Medical Tricorder III -- [email protected]

Ok, the plan for this topic is to get a list of the skills that we can train our Bridge Officers in. I will keep this updated so we can get a quick glance at the top and see what/who can train up our Bridge Officers. Not sure how this will be effected by the future change in the bridge officer system, but should be helpful until then. Please feel free to post your skills that you can train here and I'll update the list above as necessary. Also, please update your list after any respec with a new post on this topic. Would just make it easier for me to keep updated.

Thank you

*** added @Samueldavidson1701
Thanks, Zupancic!

Could you add a separate sub-section for ppl to list their BOff candidates that can train in level III powers? I have 15 and would gladly help out my teammates by letting them have them for training (or commissioning).

Edit: I'm in the process of writing down all my BOff candidates, their races, superior traits, and any level III skills they possess. (Though some look like they'd be good additions as-is: one has what looks like the perfect set-up for an Escort captain. Unfortunately, I won't write down any non-superior traits or non-level III abilities. Sorry! :?)

Update: Finished with writing down all 15 of them! I'll post them in the other thread Zupancic mentioned about starting. I'm sure someone could use some of them!

I'm going to be respeccing soon, but I should retain the ability to train in the three you listed. At the moment, however, I can also train in Scramble Sensors III. Once I respec, I'll lose that (going from flying science ships to cruisers).

I hope we can populate the list, for there are some skills I would definitely like! (Unfortunately, I have those you mentioned!)

Crafting vs. Exchange.
In addition, I was wondering if we could set up any sort of sharing/helping system for the "poor and needy". I had a bad thing happen to me: I accidentally discarded just about everything good in my inventory, thinking I could reclaim it. Lost at least one rare particle trace. I have a bunch of other crafting items but only one rare trace. Someone told me at my position, I should be selling all of it and try to buy the Aegis Set on the Exchange. I don't know if I should or not. It'd be nice if we had a good crafting policy in place, for I'd be willing to donate all my wares to the shared bank if I knew I could count on help later.

Train through BOffs/Giving them away
Also, I have 13 BOffs and 15 candidates (including rare Saurians with Superior stuff — actually, most of my candidates have Superior something). I was told to sell them, but if someone wants them, perhaps we could set up a thread listing which BOffs we have to see if anyone wants one before I sell them on the Exchange. (I could use some!) Also, most of my candidates have at least one level III ability, so if there's something you want (say, Viral Matrix III), you could have that BOff and use him/her to train one of yours. But that's another thread, probably.

But what do ppl think of that? If we say yes, then we should either have a time wherein we meetup on someone's bridge or simply allow anyone who posts here or in the BOff thread the right to request a bridge invitation to trade. I'd be happy to help after all the help I've been given here. I'll try to at some point create another thread that lists my BOffs to see if anyone in the fleet wants one. I have some tactical ones that should be good for Escort flyers (canon fire, volley, attack patterns, etc.). I just wish I'd had the guy who trained my eng BOffs train my non-comissioned ones that have Superior ground skills. As it is, my highly trained ones have bad traits. (In his words, after looking at my 30-odd BOffs and candidates said the BOff roulette hadn't been kind to me!)

My current setup, as I've switched to cruiser (viz., the Star Cruiser), is EPtE, EptS, DEM, ENGTEAM, but I'm missing Reverse Shield Polarity III and Extend Sheilds III (might be useful in teaming). For my sci slots, I'm using Hazard Emitters, TSS, Science Team, and will be getting Polarize Hull.

After respeccing, I should be able to train in Hazard Emitters III. I'll be respeccing soon, so please anyone, let me know if you want Scramble Sensors III. (Again, you could get a lot of other III level powers via my BOff candidates, unless you want them as-is with their superior traits).

Does the Fleet really need another cruiser captain?
Off-topic but question: if my planned cruiser scheme doesn't work out, I might return to Science or try an Escort. If I do the latter, I might take some of my tactical BOff candidates. Which abilities are good for Escorts? Canon Rapid Fire? Scatter Volley? What about tactical team or any of the attack patterns? Right now I just FAW I and II with an all beam load-out. My tactics are to zoom in, tank for my teammates, let the enemy barrage me while I keep healing myself and using FAW. (And call in the Photonic Fleet for bosses, Subnucleonic Beam for debuffing, etc.). And Is Aceton III any good? It says it makes the energy weapons of bad guys less powerful, which I'm thinking would be useful against Borg (along with RSP for the tractor beams). I have a couple BOff candidates with Aceton III. Should I use one of them to train my Borg BOff in it (miss her space skills), or have her get RSP III if I can find a BOff on the Exchange who has it?

Rats. Sorry all for the "wall of text". I know this thread is meant for training. I'll let Zupancic edit his post to reflect what I can train (I'll edit this to list the level III powers of my BOff candidates for training using that method, and he can add it to my list of trainable powers).

This is also making me a little worried: if I stick with the Star Cruiser, and Zupancic and the Admiral are already using Cruisers, maybe I should have stuck with a Science vessel (such as the Nebula retrofit for its cruiser-like abilities or learn to fly an Escort.) Let me know while the sale is still on. If so, I can buy one and respec (I've never respecced, so I should be able to do it several times. I'd also like to get an Excelsior Retrofit for nostalgia. But the guy who trained me and gave me the SP tree I should use said to stick with a Star Cruiser. But it'd be nice to have a ship to use my TOS bridge/bundle with Wink ). I just think a Cruiser would be easiest for my play style (probably best at just autofiring and hitting the EPtX+FAW to draw fire away from the rest).

Again, sorry for my loquaciousness! :oops:

I want to be as useful as I can to my Fleet Mates. If that means spending time using my Tier-4 Defiant -classto collect crafting stuff, I'd do it (or one-of-many shuttles — a good use for the classic Type-F or Runabout, which are collecting dust. The Star Cruiser is too slow to gather those readings quickly! Maybe I could even take my NX-01 and put it to use! :rollSmile I am really low on useful equipment, for as I said, I threw most of it away by accident when I went to the guy's bridge to have him look at and train my eng BOffs! :cry: Sad :|
Kailath, this is just my opinion, but play with what ship you feel comfortable with. The fleet can work things out and I'm sure we'll manage with whatever ships are out there. As for the Aegis Set, we can check in the bank and see what we have for crafting it. My toon can craft it, just need to gather up some mats for it. I'm sure that there are others in the fleet that can craft the item too. I'm guessing that we'll have a crafting policy here in the future, if we don't really have one currently.

As for the Boffs give away section, that's a good idea. I've been mailing my extra Boffs to myself to keep them in storage. Allowing the fleet to use them is a great idea. Perhaps sometime this weekend if you don't start a thread on that, I might give it a try too.

As for the extend shields III, my eng can train that skill. Just let me know sometime or send me a bridge invite and I'll train up your engineers. I'll be honest, haven't trained any toons like that before, so it will be a new experience for me. Only ever trained up my own boffs, but I know it's possible.
Cool, thanks, Zupancic!

I got notes on ALL my BOff candidates and will post their abilities (all level III powers and superior traits) soon.

I have some with several level III and superior traits, so someone I'm sure could use them!

Otherwise, I'll sell them on the exchange for MUCH-needed energy credits. Wink

Just transcribing what SD posted in the STOA fora. These are skills he can train:

Vice Admiral 1 - Samuel Davidson - Engineer Officer - Starfleet
Emergency Power to Engines III
Emergency Power to Sheilds III
Emergency Power to Weapons III
Engineering team III
Phaser Turret fabrication III
Eject Warp Plasma III
Extend Sheilds III

Commander 2 - David R Collins - Tactical Officer - Starfleet
Beam Fire at Will III
Tactical Team III
Torpedo: High Yield III
Attack Pattern Beta III
Dispersal Pattern Beta III