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Full Version: Earning exp in STO for Specializations
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(01-15-2015, 08:17 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Spec points earning is Daunting....  Thank goodness there are only 60 of them, not 90!  ; )

For now Wink

Thanks for the tips, I never bothered to think about Argala, although I knew about it for long time (since Tau Dewa missions were nerfed), but now I might give it a try, 15-16k XP per run sounds great.

Jolan Tru!
You can run Argala solo on Adv/Elite depending on your gear which lowers the total needed quite a bit; doffing also counts as well. I've not been working too hard on my spec points grind and still manage to get one a week or so.


I created three complete new Characters (one per Career) and leveled them to a point, where they have their Career-specific skills maxed out. They are intended to served as BOFF Ability Crafters, when the changes are live. Oh and with the rest of the time I got 4 or 5 Spec Points for my main Toon.
Only got as far as 54, but that was doing some dr missions and just getting used to playing. Plus, I wasn't on a whole lot of the weekend

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