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Full Version: If it's not broke, fix it till it is!
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I just read over dev notes from the latest Tribble patch; and it's mixed news for STF goers. The changes better work perfectly together from day one, or it will be an unbelievable hassle for players. They are nerfing the damage from STF Borg, as well as introducing a new progressive respawn timer system. The new timer could possible lead to respawns as long as 2 minutes! If I'm going to wait that long to respawn, I better not die as much! They also are going to increase the drop rate for MK XII gear. Great idea! In the mean time, I can't even get the mk XI set because the rare drop rates are "fixed". They are also supposed to be eliminating the "invisible torpedoes", which is good news all around! Big Grin

The way Cryptic rolls, something will happen that will totally mess up the balance on STFs. I still don't understand why they did all of this. I was mad about the 1 shot kills, but I could deal with all the rest of it. Now they introduce an update that looks as stable and promising as a house of cards. Keep in mind; this patch was released for Tribble test server, not the live server yet. Borg

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I'm happy about that timer idea. It'll keep noobs out of Elite STFs. The most I die in any Elite STF is 2 times, maybe 3 if I'm playing with a horrible team or get really reckless lol

Frankly, I like the new changes to the STFs, I think they are some good improvements (especially the increased drop rate lol).
But as Cryptic has shown us time and again. Whatever tribble gets is what Holodeck gets.
Well of course, Tribble is the test server. The patches get tested there before they come to Holodeck, which is good. There have been a number of times where features in a Tribble patch were changed based on strong player feedback.
Each individual change isn't bad, but those changes better work well together. I hope the Mk XII drops are upped in a meaningful way, not just 0.25% or something like that. The timer system won't keep noobs out of elite STF's, but it will encourage them to be even more noobish. Noobs still want the Mk XII gear too, I just hope I don't ever see anyone purposefully staying out of a fight because he/she is afraid of dying now. After this update goes live, I will have even less of a reason to Pug elites.
I'm kinda mixed on the respawn timer. I mean, I can understand about keeping noobish players out, but at the same time, a one minute timer I got last night was just unbearable. But I think it was cuz I was half asleep XD As for the other things, I guess I don't have much of an opinion
Think about it this way, you got a one minute timer so now you want to avoid getting that again in the future. For noobs its the same thing, so they'll either avoid elites or work harder at not dying lol.
I had my first experience with the new timer system in a PuG the other day. First let me say that I'm flying a Dreadnought cruiser that is very similar to the build that Messor uses. I run TT and EPTS almost constantly. I spent a great deal of time and effort in my build and I am currently running the MK XI MACO shield. I have nearly 60K hull points, and about 9500 per facing shield. Now that we got that over with I'll continue my story.

After the idiot in our group aggrod the Tac Cube in Infected, he led the cube straight over to the rest of us! The cube just started picking off escorts which was really irritating all of us. In an effort to keep the optional alive I decided to draw the Cubes attention and lead it away from the group. I planned and executed my tactic wonderfully, except for one small detail. My cooldowns were not on my side and I popped. I came back and the Cube scored a one shot kill. After 2 deaths in a row, my cool down was kinda long. It was very irritating to see the team flounder while I sat powerless waiting for this bad idea disguised as a teaching tool to tick down. After all of this I got a lockbox, 1 EDC, and 1 piece of crap loot.

I'm sure all of this was my fault somehow. That will teach me to "take one for the team" or maybe I should "not die". Maybe I need to buy more respecs and build a better Borg Beater. Or maybe, just maybe, things are just a little imbalanced.
Hmm, perhaps it's a little of both? Ya know? The cooldowns gotcha by random chance, and it screwed everything over with a cascading effect while the game and new tweaks are just a little imbalanced still. I'd hope that the timer would possibly become fixed based on a "how well are you individually doing?" method. Say for instance you're cranking out DPS and not healing as much, your timer isn't as bad. And if you get popped immediately, like Jay's happenstance, the timer shouldn't be so long either because you were still doing mildly well. However, I guess, now after re-reading it, if you're cranking out DPS, you likely won't be dying so often Tongue What a catch-22
I have to agree with you about the imbalance. I'm not saying that Cryptic got it all wrong here, but I would call it the wrong execution of the right idea. The right idea being punish people who play sloppy in elite, and also punish those who use the tactic that I used to in my squishy LRSV. I would park right next to a strong enemy (gateway or tac cube) and let it destroy me. Then my core breach would inflict damage Smile

I stated initially that these updates would have to mesh perfectly well together or things would become imbalanced quickly. Sadly, I do not believe that they have meshed well at all. It is still way to easy to die in elites, and the injury system is good enough. Perhaps they should have just tweaked the injury system.
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