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Full Version: Are you, or rather, is your bank ready for the Ferengi boxes
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That's right, just when we are so happy to be rid of those awful cardassian boxes, here they come with another set. Read all about the latest scourge of space and ground here

and may i just say: Im so very glad i didn't buy the Scourge Destroyer yesterday as I had planned.
Hopefully they are alot better i cashed in like 20 of them and i got pets most of the time.. boring hopefully these have something usefull in them!
Oh gods, not AGAIN. /facepalm

Judging by the probable contents of these boxes, they'll drop at least as often as those damned Cardie ones did.

I discarded over a hundred of those things...
"discarded over a hundred..."

I stopped counting after tossing 20 stacks of 20.
oh god that sucks. i just refused to accept them after a while
I wouldn't jump at the gold boxes either. I read a few forums over on the official site that say the gold lockboxes are bugged to offer the same rewards as the regular ones. The FAQ's say they have a "slightly higher" chance of awarding the more desirable items. Firstly: desirable to whom? Secondly: "slightly higher" could be less than 1%. The authors of the forum posts I read say they've opened a bunch of gold boxes and got crap. Well, roll the dice and take your chances. In the immortal words of Dirty Harry = "Do you feel lucky, punk?"