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Full Version: Fastest Ship?
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That's the question.

What is the fastest Fed ship and what gear makes it run even faster?

Realised my style of game-play won't help me cap out the DPS, so how can I get the fastest 'hunk-o-junk' in the Galaxy? Wink

Escorts are the fastest. As for the equipment to make it faster, well anything that'll improve engines and turn rate. There's a lot of equipment out there which will do that, probably too much to list lol. Off the top of my head I can't think of their names, but it should be too hard to find by reading the descriptions of items.


If we go by the Stats, then I am pretty sure that the Risian Corvette is the fastest Ship around. However, Attilio is right about equipment that is available to pimp your ship.
These are mostly the Impulse Engines, but Consoles like the Impulse Capacitance Cell or Devices like the Deuterium Surplus can temporarily boost your Speed.
Then there are of course also Consoles, that can drastically improve your Turn rate. Among the most prominent are the Advanced Engineering RCS Consoles, the Hydrodynamics Compensator and the Tachyokinetic Converter.

I hope this helps a bit. Happy hunting!
Risian corvette is the fastest right now in terms of base ship stats. I believe for engines that Aegis or Counter-Command are fastest but I could be wrong, will check on that next time I am online. Another thing you can do is have the proper skills for a speed build, focusing on keeping Attack Pattern Omega and Evasive Maneuvers active frequently. There is also a doff available from the Risan summer event that grants immediate recharge for Evasive Maneuvers when you use Emergency Power to Engines. I have used that to great effect on carriers and cruisers.