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Full Version: Can your ship survive the Shakedown?
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Hello fleet and guests, I have recently finished (for now) a space mission designed to test the limits of your ship. This holosuite program will take your ship through the ringer but if you survive intact then you will know that your starship is ready for nearly anything.

Mission Specs
Name: Shakedown
Author: Blakmage861
Minimum Lvl: 44
Lethality: Mid-High
Starting Location: Once accepted head to Earth Space Dock. Upon Arriving head towards the shipyard. Outside the turbolift to the shipyard is a pair of large computer consoles. It is here that you initiate the mission.

Let me know what you think.
Sounds interesting. I'll have to check this out.

I played the mission... is that all you got?? I didn't die once in my escort Tongue. I still need to play it with my Tact/Cruiser though.

From here on out I'll give my honest review of the mission so if you haven't played it yet and don't want any spoilers, stop reading NOW!

First You need to give players more direction. For example, after defeating the first wave of Klingon ships tell the players where to go next. You should also consider placing a nav beacon near the next wave of ships. Do this whenever players need to go to a new location in space so that they know where they go. I know they can look at the map, but some people forget lol

In the Romulan test I had trouble finding the second wave of Romulan ships because the map had two nav points marked automatically. I remember that map from another mission and I guess Cryptic didn't take out the nav points on the map. Maybe consider changing the map, or putting the ships within those nav points. Each point is at one of the stations.

The mirror test was unexpected. I warped in and was pounded by beams and torps from all sides. Very good job here.

Overall I did enjoy it and even though I survived, I still think its a great test for a player's build. Just work it out a bit, improve it, and you're good to go!