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Full Version: New T6 ships having 11 consoles
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Don't get confused by it Wink

Let's go through it all one step at a time:

  • T5 ships have 9 consoles, 
  • T5 Fleet ships have 10 consoles,
  • T5 C-store ships that don't have Fleet version have 10 consoles
  • T5 event/lockbox ships have 10 consoles
Now let's check post-DR status:
  • T5-U ships have 10 consoles (mostly Retrofit version that aren't upgraded to Fleet since we can't upgrade Mirror/lvl 40 ships)
  • T5-U Fleet ships have 11 consoles
  • T5-U C-store that are "Fleetless" have 11 consoles
  • T5-U Event/Lockbox have 11 consoles
  • T6 mostly have 10 consoles
  • T6 Fleet will have 11 consoles
  • T6 Event/Lockbox have 11 consoles
and yes, if we count number of consoles, until we get Fleet version for most of T6 ships, T5-U Fleet ships are better.