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Full Version: Breen Space set, making a comeback? (4th video has been added)
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With the addition of the new Breen warp core and the new Breen carrier is there any chance that this space may be making a come back? Have you already been using it and now its just gotten that much better?

Well I thought this was a good time to go back and revisit this space set. I am running through all the missions to get the set and weapons. Here is the first mission in the Breen Invasion: Cold Call. In the coming days I will have the entire Breen campaign, finishing up with the shakedown of the new Breen Carrier.

(12-09-2014, 04:53 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I certainly have some ships that have enjoyed running the Breen set before DR, but in our current environment, I'm not sure it would be something I'd Upgrade to a higher level.
(I find DR has us focusing on a smaller number of ships for our attention, and I've been normally just using MACO, Omega, Honor Guard, or Solanea sets on my ships.)

(Honestly, I've only really been upgrading Space/Ground weapons and consoles thus far...)

However, as I mentioned in my post about Concept ideas for an Intel using Breen Sarr Theln Carrier, I am planning to run the full Breen set+Core and three Breen consoles on my new carrier to see how it all works out-

Here's the post about it, and the tentative skill plan for my build:

Still trying to decide if I should go with 3  360 degree weapons in the back, or more torps in the back....

You may be right, I'm not suggesting this set is still viable but I still plan on reviewing it along with all the Breen ships and their consoles.  I have no opinion one way or the other at this point.

You'll have wait for the rest of the videos to see if this set may be viable still. You may be surprised at what I come up with.
The set has only been viable for a small set of builds in the past and I don't see that changing much, although the consoles may find more use now since they have some nice bonuses.
I was using the three-piece (engine, shield, deflector) on the breen raider last year (when I didn't have a lot of resources for the character), and it worked great, I had no complaints anyway.

But yes, I would have to agree, it isn't widely used and isn't especially relevant for a lot of builds. I'm not totally against it however, and il be considering upgrading it for the breen ships on my RRF character
Here is the second installment to the Breen Invasion campaign:

The third video in our Breen Campaign is now up:

If you don't much care for the Breen space set that's ok but this mission gives out a great Transphasic torpedo launcher. This video also walks you through the correct sequence to finishing the mission successfully. One wrong response and you have to start the mission all over again.


Cold comfort is a great one to rerun because the reward is quite good for a freebie and it is quick to do once you know the answers n
The fourth mission in the Breen Invasion is now up. Only one more mission till we have the Breen space set. Make sure you stay tuned for the final mission in the Breen Invasion and the final review of the set and Breen ships.