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Full Version: Concept ideas for an Intel using Breen Sarr Theln Carrier
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Mine will be probably like this.


Well, I like to be different and I assume to be a lot more broadsiding and shooting aft. But that may change, when I see how this sucker is actually turning.

I am not that fond of the Breen Consoles / Set. Wink


(12-05-2014, 08:39 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]No Intel skill love?  (And no love for the Breen consoles. ; )  
[I guess your captain is Intel Speced, so you can do the Intel abilities yourself!]
I got no Engineering/Intelligence BOFFs yet, so I'm not bothered so far.

(12-05-2014, 08:39 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]So, you have Torp spread 3, and are running no torps!   ; )
I'd probably put in Beam Overload 3, or Attack Pattern Omega.
Thanks for telling me. I planned on Torps at first but went for all Beams then and forgot to change the BOFF. It is updated now.
Popped over from my thread to look at your build — nice to see someone else's idea of a torp heavy science build!

I'm torn on EMP vs Ionic Turbulence. Both seem to synergize well with Gravity Well. EMP feels more...well, fun. But IT seems more reliable, and should amplify both the GW itself and any mines you chuck down the gravity well. Probably IT is more effective, especially if the EMP disable is largely nullified by many PVE targets (don't know if that's the case).
So I played with the four-piece Breen set for a while. I loved the cryoplasma venting on a faster ship — I'd lay a frosty donut around a group of targets and they'd pretty much be locked in. Great fun. Ultimately, in the carrier, I didn't feel like I had the maneuverability to use it effectively, and felt that the +25% torpedo bonus from two pieces of Adapted MACO plus the stats on that deflector were worth more than using the complete Breen set. (It bugs me, as this character is the STO incarnation of my old WoW frost Mage, so laying down cryoplasma would be very aesthetically pleasing!) You obviously reached a different conclusion — how is the full set working out for you?

For comparison, the adapted MACO dish (not upgraded) gives:

+17.5 structural integrity
+8.8 electro-plasma
+17.5 flow cap
+17.5 graviton
+17.5 stealth (who cares)
+17.5 particle
+17.5 subspace decomp

The 2-set bonus (I'd combine it with engines or shields, with the other item plus warp core from the Breen set) gives:

+25% torp damage
+7 aux power setting
+7 crew recovery
+70% resistance to crew loss