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Full Version: Please be kind, rewind and give Diplomatic Immunity
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So I finally made it to diplomacy rank 3 and got Diplomatic Immunity. Surprisingly, to my chagrin, I did not have the affects of Diplomatic Immunity that have been granted to me by other players. Most of important of which increased my sector space speed. I could only grant the buff to other players. 

So I say, whenever in sector space make sure you grant this to your fellow players. If we all kick it out to each other we all win. If your curious as to what this Buff looks like check out my video below:

Thanks for the video. I made level 3 a few months ago, now level 4, but never really paid that much attention to using the ability. I've noticed the icon pop up for me, but usually in Sirius sector but I'm not sure why.
you do get some of its benefit, but not the space speed boost.