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Full Version: Stuff in STO you never knew about!!!
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Have you ever discovered a great little tidbit in STO that you never knew about and wondered how did I not know this?  Well perhaps I can let you in on few more that you never knew about.  In the video below I show you a few tricks you can do with your DoFFing systems, Bridge officers to increase your DPS and some R&D system tricks.

Along with all these little secrets I open some of the more profitable Lockboxes in game and show how you can turn over that EC you just spent on keys back into EC.  I hope you find this video helpful and enjoyable.

I didn't know that trick for mailing Doffs and posting them in chat from there, thanks!

I saw your last video about doffing, but since I was playing game in same time, I've missed few points so I don't know if you mentioned this:

When looking into missions on Suliban Cell Ship (listed under Tau Dewa Daily) you can get all missions started.
What you need to do is simply pick them all in order, read details about them, but then close Doffing window and close contact without starting one. When you read about them all, you don't go to contact but to Personal list of Doff missions, they should all be listed there.
Oh, and if you start all 6, those missions don't take Doffing slot, so technically you can have 26 Doffing missions running in same time Wink (or 28 in my case, got few of those Embassy Doff mission slots).

Just remembered few more things that some Fleet members taught me.

In Crystalline Catastrophe, when Entity is absorbing energy, if you stay within below 1km, you won't get hit by that wave. Another trick for it is to use Kar'fi console if you fly one.

When playing PvP in organized team, select Team Leader and click on small pinpoint icon, that way it's easier to select target that Leader is shouting (helpful in Battle of Korfez as well because those dang torpedoes aren't easy to see and click on).