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Full Version: New Breen Sarr Theln Carrier [T6] INCOMING!!!
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So there has been much evidence of the new Breen Carrier coming in the upcoming winter event this year. If you needed more proof check out this in game footage that proves it.

Will you get one this year?

Video link is broken...has it been removed?
Thx for the information confirming the sarr teln as an official ship for the winter wonderland. I bet there will be some differences in getting the tier 6 ship over the other two. They are also more expensive than tier 5 ones on the c- store, so i think there will be some additional grinding needed or something else to claim this ship.
By the way I got a nice 3 day ban on the STO forums for this release of info.  Supposedly I'm a hacker.
(11-21-2014, 04:54 PM)willaimshat Wrote: [ -> ]By the way I got a nice 3 day ban on the STO forums for this release of info.  Supposedly I'm a hacker.
Can that ship be earned and not used until you reach the necessary level? Or am I just sol?
Yup, you will get it boxed and will be able to use after you reach needed level.

Cryptic keeps to amaze me with weird moves after DR, ban for sharing info that is visible by checking item is proof of idiocracy... or maybe they got infected by those ''bugs'' as Vaads?
mmmm... Idiocracy.... awesome movie....
Has anyone noticed that the Breen space set has a warp core now? Just noticed this last night. If you equip all four space set pieces, you get a 'cryo plasma' ability in space, similar to warp plasma.

Not sure how to get the warp core. It may be pre-installed on the Sarr Theln, as it is not listed as a reward for doing the Breen episodes.
(12-05-2014, 07:35 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]All,

   I haven't made this video (or listened to it with sound, since I just watched a bit at the office) but the visuals on the ship look pretty good.

What do you think?

I think someone wasted a lot of Lobi.