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Full Version: Bio-Neural Gel Pack console
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Is the Bio-Neural Gel Pack console worth getting??
I been using 1 on my sci ship and was wondering if it stack with other things??


In my opinion it is. However, at the moment it is not working as intended. Cryptic is aware of it, so it is only a question of when it will ultimately worth it.

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Ok thanks
I've had one since early this morning.  It seems to be functioning as I expected and is a great addition to my Phantom.  Also, I'm running it with the neutronic torp which makes it even more interesting and functional.


Well, according to the known issues of the last patch notes:
  • The Bio-Neural Gel Pack in the Delta Alliance Reputation system does not apply the correct amount of Subsystem Power Boost.
But other than that, it does work fine indeed. Especially when used with the Neutronic Torpedo.
An overall power of 2% boost will be fine, when it materializes.  Until then, I'll enjoy the other far more tangible benefits of this console.
The stated 2% boost is present now.