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Full Version: User-related search in the Skill Planner
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Hi Attilio,

is it possible to search/list user-related Builds in the Skill Planner. If so, what would the URL need to be to accomplish that?

Live Long and Prosper
Let me just make sure I understand. By "user-related builds" you mean only builds created by that particular user?


(10-19-2014, 12:25 PM)Attilio Wrote: [ -> ]Let me just make sure I understand. By "user-related builds" you mean only builds created by that particular user?
Correct. Would be just awesome. Then one could add a link to the signature, that shows your Builds. Similar to the one in the account settings, but for everyone to see, as long as the builds are shared.
Not a bad idea. I'll add it to my list of things to do lol
Is there a link that can be used to share ones list of shared ship builds?

This link is essentially what I'm after, but that only works for your own ships when logged in and shows builds you might not have shared yet.

There's no option on the build search page to search by user ID (I guess thats what you call the number after the underscore on your own saved builds).

The search URL shows faction, career and ship as parameters. Is there a hidden ID or something parameter I could use to get the search page to generate a list of just my (shared) builds to share with others?
TacPaddy actually suggested the same thingĀ

Currently there is no way to do it, but I do plan on implementing it.
Ahh, sorry should've looked harder before making a post Blush

Please close/delete thread
Not a problem, it happens Smile
I've merged the two threads about this topic to let you all know that I've added this feature.

You can now go to your account and find the link to share. Also if you're looking at a build that belongs to a user, you can find other builds by that same person.

I'll leave this thread open for now just in case any problems pop up.


No problems, that I can see. Works perfectly. Thanks Boss.
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