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Full Version: [VIDEO] Top 5 STO bugs of the week!!
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This video goes over some of the most blatantly obvious bugs in the game that need fixing. These were some of the most requested fixes by the player. My hope in creating this video is to inspire a change for good in this game. The acceptable level for bugs and broken mechanics in this game has reached a level that is mind-boggling to me. I hope that the rest of STO community joins me and asking for this to change.

I don't want to offend anyone, I just want to inspire a positive change for this game. I love Star Trek but I can't let my love of Star Trek blind me to the mistakes that have been made. Let's fix these bugs and enjoy the game we all love, rather than be frustrated because we can't beam out of Star Fleet Academy grounds or upgrade an item and have it lose a major ability. Help us fix the game.

Leave a comment below and let them know what you think.

I feel your pain on this stuff, especially the queues. I agree that if they don't fix this stuff then the game will most likely die. Certain missions are downright unplayable with low tier-players which has a really divisive factor to fleets. I'm one with good ships and builds and upgraded gear and can handle advanced and Elite content with little concern but so many pugs and fleet members do not. Its no longer fun. The normal difficulty that I can fly for fun with fleetmates rewards absolutely nothing worthwhile. I'll run Borg disconnected with fleetmates since its one of the few avenues for getting Delta marks (another complaint of mine). But if I wanted to gather up crafting materials for tech upgrades, I am almost forced to hit the DPS channels and that makes me pass up on playing with friends so that I can succeed.

The tray issue is also huge. The whole reason they released the Loadouts system was for folks to save their gear and trays so they can transition in and out of ships at will. So add that to the list of intended and bragged about features that is absolutely broken. 

I really like this game and put too much time into it for it to be killed off and I wish they would get their heads out of their asses and improve the game.
I think the doffing and R&D delay was a fix for server lag issues, I can't see much other reason to handle it that way.
I can't see that the R&D and mission delay would create that much lag in the grand scheme of things.  I haven't seen this kind of behavior in other games that have similar mechanics.  I can't remember if we even had a response from the Devs as to why this is here.
When you have thousands of people hitting it and the system trying to determine whether you crit the mission or not at the time you turn it in, that would create a lot of load. It also has to do calls to create all the rewards in your inventory and such as well.