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Full Version: Bridge Officer Skills
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OK, I'm new to the game but no MMO's. My question is about my Bridge officers. Is there a way for me to get them to use the skills I need them to if they have them?. I have a tact (Lt.C) officer that can use High Yield II but in her slots I only get High Yield I. Any thing I can do about that?
It sounds like the ship you are flying only allows ensign or lieutenant skills in the Tactical BOff slot. Each ship has its own set of BOff slots depending on the type of ship and the ship tier. Cruisers usually have extra engineering slots, science vessels have extra science slots and escorts have extra tactical slots. Once you advance in rank and get higher tier ships, the number and level of BOff slots goes up. The problem is that slots other than those matched to the type of ship are limited to lieutenant level, so any lieutenant commander skills are unavailable excet on the ships designed for that type of BOff.

For a tactical lieutneant commander skill to be usable, you either have to be flying an escort or have a ship like the Odyssey Star Cruiser, which has a Commander level universal BOff slot.