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Full Version: Perception of games current state
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i don't min the slow leveling. i mind having to wait to complete the storyline. , right now it's still another day until i get the second to last mission, and who know how long until the last... 
Like others, my biggest issue is the reworked rewards.  The Voth BZ is by far the best way to get dilithium and has been for some time, but I used to be able to break up the monotony of it by doing STF's and getting a reasonable return.  Now the ONLY way to get a reasonable amount of dilithium is the BZ.  I want to be able to run other content too, but the rewards simply don't justify most of the content at this point if you are in need of resources.  Granted I can and do run the other missions for fun, but that vast majority of the time we spend in game is spent on gathering resources with dilithium being the main one.  That needs to change or the game will become quite boring very quickly for me.
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