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Full Version: Anyone Tried This Experiment? Default Ships VS Elite Fleet Ships, Who Would Win?I
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I have always wanted to see 3 default weapon ships (all with added purple consoles but with standard default white level stuff for everything else) would go up against a fleet upgraded ship for pvp.

Who do you think would win in this 3 vs 1 battle? How many default load out ships would it take to defeat an upgraded fleet pvp ship?

Like 3 regular sovereigns vs 1 fleet upgraded pvp sovereign. 
too many variable are left unaccounted for. boff,doff,toon class, experience,skills. strategy, etc. on paper a tier 4 can destroy a tier 5 1vs 1 as we often showed doing crazy pvp or tier 1 borg stf( pre delta)
I hope someone tries it one day.