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Full Version: Leveling up after 50 - Guide
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This post is in reference to a video guide I made on how to do XP speed-runs for reaching level 60.  This video gives a demonstration of where to go, how to setup your team and how the patrol will look.  I hope you enjoy, there are also some instructions below for team setup.

First, you need to get into a group of five, the more people on your team, the more enemies there will be to destroy, the more XP to be gained.

Second, you need to make sure all players are set to elite difficulty, this can probably be accomplished by just the leader doing this but better to take the extra precaution.

Third, make sure every player matches down to the lowest characters level, in fact the lowest level character should be the leader of the group.  Matching this way will maximize your speed-runs to gain you the most XP/min.

Hope this video is helpful, let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!
I would like to know if it can be done solo.
I think the nerfed Tau Dewa so you can't power level there anymore. Double check today's patch notes. I know they had closed the sector for a couple days and changed something today.
They've also apparently taken some specialisation points from some players who had been taking advantage of the wonky XP scaling in Tau Dewa to score large quantities of dilithium after filling their spec trees.