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Full Version: Stackable console
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Hi everyone.

I confess I'm little bit confuse about console. I read on STO forum that is possible to stack console. So I did it. I put 2 and 2
Also I tried to put together with
I played some stf. I didn't notice anything better.
So then how could I know when consoles are really stackable? Because I think I lost time and craft with consoles for nothing Sad
You're not likely not notice anything better. The advantages on turn rate from the RCS accelerator console are good, but nearly imperceptible. Take a look at your ship description under "Movement" to see what it actually does. The percentage is alot, but that works out to a smaller turn rate improvement. As far as your anti-proton mag regulator, unless you really pay attention to those yellow numbers flying above your target, you probably won't notice a difference there either. Go out your ship and hover your mouse over one of your anti-proton weapons to see what damage it does on your ship. Then mess with the consoles.

Don't misunderstand me, you did not waste your time or crafting materials. At the very least the consoles you got stack with diminishing returns, so you get some benefit from each. Some consoles stack evenly, but I can't remember which do. Other consoles stack, but the returns are less than their combined sums. Again, I don't remember which do that either. Rest assured, there is a difference, but you may not be able to see it. It's all in the numbers.