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Full Version: How can they hit target which i more than 10 kilometer away?
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I really like to play STF. You never how it will finish Smile
So I noticed some people can hit target from far away more than 10km. the cruiser and the target are 5more than 10 kilometres away from each other. I read that 10 km is the max range of weapon. But... For example. Yesterday. I saw someone who hit cube from 12km. I know because I went near him to check the distance/range.
What do they use? Is it a console? Is it a kind of weapon? Is it an tactical officer ability? I'm looking for any information about.
It was simply the two ships moving away from each other. The hard limit of targeting in STO is 10km. End of story.
Yesterday I played STF. A guy did it again. Between his battleship and the target. There was more than 10km. I tried but I failed. It seems he has not the same weapon as mine. Eventhought the colour is red (anti-proton, I guess). For example my vessel does short time hit. Not his vessel.
I confees it's a big mystery for me. Anyway. I noticed most of people have this "ability", they have an odyssey battleship. Not me. I have dreadnought fed ship.
If they have the Odyssey it may be that they are using the Escort console or the separated saucer console. However 10km is a hard cap. Nothing in game can attack from outside that range. There are no abilities that let you attack further away then that.

The only exceptions are not even really exceptions. The only way a player can make attacks against a target further away then 10km is if they have control of other ships, either the kdf side Carriers or the Tactical Odyssey's detached escort, and tell those ships to attack the target. However while you can be further out then 10k and order said attack those ships must get withing 10km before they can fire their weapons.