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Full Version: DOff's for Fleet Projects
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Hello All,

It seems that all of the Fleet projects require a ship load of Doff's of varying fields.

I have to ask, what is/where is the best place to get these hordes of Doff's? They seem to be the most needed thing on Projects (ie, the only thing left to contribute) but bar the exchange (and blowing loads of EC, well, loads for me at any rate), I don't know where you can get hold of them in the volume to contribute  meaningfully.

Any advice??




1) Do the Recruiting DOFF Assignments at Starfleet Academy / Klingon Academy / New Romulus Command. If you have a Romulan Character, you can also recruit at the Academy of your Ally.
2) There is a Personnel Officer in the Ops Area of the Fleet Starbase. You can buy random common DOFFs for 500 FC each, or career-specific common DOFFs for 750 FC each.
You can buy them with fleet credits at the fleet starbases
(09-28-2014, 07:03 PM)robonixon Wrote: [ -> ]You can buy them with fleet credits at the fleet starbases
The problem allot of folks run into with that method... is that they still need Fleet ships / gear.

To expand on what Tac said, the recruitment missions provide two doffs each for Tactical, Engineering, Science, and Civilian, along with that you can grab the random Vulcan, Tellarite, and Andorian. The Tellarite and Andorian are tucked behind the doff building. That's 11 assorted Doffs every 20 or so hours run on all of your characters 33+ every two days. (Starfleet)

If you're Romulan you can grab the Romulan Doffs from New Romulus then shoot over to your faction city for the above mentioned missions as well.

Sort them and throw them all in the mail to yourself...

Using that method I've been left begging for fresh Fleet Assignments because I had over 100 of a particular type laying around.
Thanks for the info there!

I'll start recruiting now :-)