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Full Version: Gear Upgrade information and stats
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Someone (not me) made a nice Spreadsheet about the actual costs of Upgrading:

The file may take a moment to open. Enjoy.
(09-25-2014, 03:20 PM)TacPaddy Wrote: [ -> ]Someone (not me) made a nice Spreadsheet about the actual costs of Upgrading:

The file may take a moment to open. Enjoy.
Oh the costs are disgusting!  That's why as soon as I get these materials straight to the exchange with them.  Also is anyone live right now?  Because I don't believe you can actually start upgrading yet.  I checked the release notes and there is no mention to the new system being put in place, I believe these are just prep items for Delta launch.


It is in place and people have started to upgrade them.
(09-25-2014, 06:45 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Overall I think it's cheaper to upgrade, when you consider the time spent to get 500 Omega Marks
 Unless your like me and have over 5000 omega marks, haha!!
500 marks takes 4 runs of ISE assuming the optional. That takes about 30 minutes.
Cluster torp upgrades?! Finally. Now to decide which new ship to make into a torp boat.


Afaik, you get them primarily from R&D Packs (C-Store) and R&D Mini-Packs (Lock Boxes). Sometimes you also get them off R&D Assistance DOFF Assignments from the Personnel Officer. And of course, the Exchange is also a source.
I don't think the others have an adjective, they're just Research accelerators. That said, having been doing a lot of upgrading, I can say, yeah, they've definitely shot up in price over the last week or so. Worth it with the Omegas, otherwise, I just throw more upgrades at the thing and hope I'll actually have any refined dilithium when all this is over.

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Yeah, the rare research upgrades are pretty pricey.  I only use them when starting out with a MkII project since you get to use it for I think 5 upgrades (from MkII to MkVI I think).  Using that combined with an experimental upgrade almost guarantees at least one rarity upgrade in that case.  For upgrading rarity on something that is already Mk XII, I will sometimes use the uncommon research, but mostly, like Puckalish said, just use the very rare upgrade and hope for some luck.