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Full Version: [Video] NEW Captain Specializations!!!
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I have a new video up for you all that covers the latest Captain Specializations addition over on Tribble. In the video you will be able to see all of the Captain Specialization tooltips and their abilities. I also look over the completion of Delta Alliance reputation and the space set and space weapons set.

I was planning on doing a run through of the new PvE Bug Hunt but one of the bugs got lose and bugged out the mission “The Dragon’s Deceit” so I was not able to meet that requirement to queue up. I will get a video of this out to you ASAP.

But let me know what everyone thinks of the new Captain Specializations. Enjoy!!

(09-24-2014, 05:58 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I'm trying to get my mind around the specializations and the earning of exp.

I presume that we will beable to get a good number of specialization points as we are moving from level 50-60.

In the future, when we are level 60, and still earning some specialization points (but not grinding the storyline missions) they will come out with a new primary specialization tree of the next Intel type of specialization they put out for the Boffs and ships.

I presume this will be much harder to level up in, as we won't be grinding up 10 levels of exp and Spec point exp....

But, we shall see.  (Perhaps we can just buy a respec from the C-Store and put points into the new one spec.)

It looks as if we gain a little more than half the XP points that we gain when we kill an enemy.  I was not able to see if we gain these "points" completing missions or as to whether we only start gaining these "point at level 60.  I will probably be making another video tonight pending a fix to “The Dragon’s Deceit" mission.

I almost hope they don't let us start gaining these new "points" until we reach level 60, which I will also check tonight on Tribble, but this will add more end game for us which has been lacking IMO.  That's probably why I have 6 50s and on the way now to 7.