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Full Version: Romulan Character HELP PLEASE?!
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I created a Romulan, and worked her to level 21 thus far, followed the mission chain exactly as it was presented to me in game, and yet for some reason I am still stuck in a tier 1 ship. I have allied with Starfleet, and talked to the Admiral on New Romulus. The game has even told me I have received a new ship, yet when I go top a ship selector nothing. The ship vendors all have ships I can get, but they will all cost me dilith, zen, or lots of ec. Are Roms just boned for ships, as in having to buy them, not receive one at promotion time, or what?

Please advise, I am close to just deleting this character and just playing my straight Feds, and Klings.
if it was the game then you need to do the promo cycle. if i remember you need to go to romulan command and talk to D'tan to unlock it. for some reason only fed don't had to do that they can just walk to the shipyard and claim the next tier of ship once they change rankĀ 


This SNAFU is caused by the fact, that you are progressing too fast Level-wise due to the Bonus XP Event right now. For the Romulans, you have to choose an Ally first (which you did) and do the Promotion mission. If I recall correctly, it should sort out after doing the "The Price of Neutrality" mission.
Alright, I think that one is next or right after next, I will give it a go.
Well that was weird. I went to do the Price of Neutrality, and the last enemy kept kicking the crud outta me. So I gave up and decided to head to the flotilla, and use my Zen to buy the next level of ship just so I can have a chance. VIOLA! The ship was free, I guess starting the mission was enough to unlock it.