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Full Version: Raifin's Polaron Odyssey PvE build
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After talking in the STO Academy channel last week about the 7.6% Polaron Damage increase you get from the Jem'Hadar space set, and I hadn't realized there was such a boost and decided to investigate. (Since then I jumped all in!)

I've been equiping my Odyssey(2nd Anniversary) with a good collection of technology to be a stepping stone into STFs so I could work on getting the full MACO / Omega STF sets in the future.

I moved away from the Antiproton Beam Array MKXI [CrtH] [Dmgx2] that can be crafted, as they bring in some good damage and have the added crit severity, and would clock in around 182 DPS each on my Odyssey.
But the 'Boldly they Rode' Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI will hit for about 191 DPS with the set Polaron boost. (And they are cheap, in that you can just run 'Boldly they Rode' 6 times to get a set.[Groan])

So, I currently have the following equiped:
Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Tricobalt Torpedo MKXI [CrtH] [Dmgx2]

Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Phased Polaron Beam Array MXI
Tricobalt Torpedo MKXI [CrtH] [Dmgx2]

{Edited my build after the comments about getting rid of the turrets. -Raifin}

My crew are running two EPTW to keep my beam power up, and I have a EPS Flow Regulator on-board.

I'd be curious what peoples thoughts are, as I'd appreciate their suggestions.

Ok here are my initial thoughts. I am assuming you are running a Broadside Beam Boat from your weapon layout. If so why run turrets, I really feel they are only good if you are using cannons or beam banks, and not two more phased polaron beam arrays?

Next, Definately get switched to the polaron phase modulators asap. Since you are running torps I would run 2 phase modulators and 1 whatever it is that boosts tricobalt damage (assuming the oddy has 3 tac consoles, I dont remember, If it only has 2 then dont run the tricobalt one)

Next, What are you running for science and engineering consoles? I like the hull armor that gives resistance to plasma for stf for engineering slots and Field Emmiters, that give +35% shields, for science slots.
You bring up good points! Broadside boat is the way I was going.

On reason I was running the two polaron turrets is that since they are [Borg] I get that 1000 radiation damage while using them. I thought that might add up, but I guess that 7.5% chance for 1000 radiation damage to Borg NPCs might not be worth the normal damage that the extra two polaron beams would hit for in Broadside mode.

For Consoles:
Tactical: [Console - Tactical - Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XI] (Rare + 26%)
Tactical: [Console - Tactical - Polaron Phase Modulator Mk XII] (Uncommon + 26%)

Science: [Console - Universal - Graviton Pulse Generator]
(I guess I could put this somewhere else as it's Universal. But science seems a good spot.
I only opened two gold lock boxes, & each had a GravPulseGen. Why do I need 2? : (
Science: [Console - Science - Emitter Array Mk X] (Rare)
Science: [Console - Science - Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk X]
(Sounds like your 2x Field Emmiters would be a better fit! I'll see what crafting supplies are needed for those. Hopefully not too much Dilithium!)

Engineering: [Console - Engineering - Electroceramic Hull Plating Mk X] (Rare: 32% plasma resist)
Engineering: [Console - Engineering - Electroceramic Hull Plating Mk XI] (Rare: 35% plasma resist)
Engineering: [Console - Engineering - RCS Accelerator Mk XI] (Rare)
Engineering: [Console - Engineering - EPS Flow Regulator Mk XII] (Uncommon +70%)

I need to work on devices, right now I have:
Devices: [Subspace Field Modulator]
Devices: [Scorpion Fighters] (Love the Reman fighters)
Devices: [Auxiliary Battery - Large]
Devices: [Shields Battery - Large]
(Missed out on the Red Matter....)

Thank you for the detailed reply!


Edit: Updated Consoles and Devices after some feedback.
On a note the Field Emmiters are looking at a hefty nerf coming based on what is currently on the Tribble server. They dont like how they stack but instead of just making it so you cant stack them they are instead looking at reducing them to +18% instead of +35% and letting them stack. Hopefully they will listen to the feedback, 90% of which wants them to leave them alone and just make them so they dont stack, but who knows. I guess what I am saying is you might want to hold off investing in them.
I'll have to keep my eyes out for that Field Emmiter nerf, and if it doesn't happen, invest in one.

I updated my weapon and console posts above to reflect your suggestions, and how the ship has changed in the last week. So please let me know your future suggestions.

Thank you all-

Now that I have been shown the wonder of Photobucket, I can actually post my build here to round out the wall of text above. I've been very happy with the build so far! (And look forward to making future tweaks.)

Thanks to those who commented to me in-game on my Bridge officer and skill points for this build as well. ; )
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I run a one_size_fit_all Galor with Gem set, 8x Phased Polaron

Eng : EPS, RCS, 2x Neutronium
Science : Field Generator, Shield Emitter
Tactical : 3x Polaron

2x EPtW, 2x EPtS, 1x AuxToStruc, 1x RSP3
2x TT, 2x FBaW

The build allows constant >100 power for weapon and shield (base 90/60/25/25) through cycling of EPtW and EPtS, plus Doff random triggered power boost.

One thing I wish is a bigger base value for the Gem shield. Smile
The extra resistance on crew disable/death is really nice though.

torps? I am just too lazy to aim. :p
Just curious to know what everybody's idea energy weapon is best at fighting the borg
Well Mayhem,

It's an interesting question. If all things were equal, then people would probably agree that the
[Antiproton {Beam Array/Cannon/Turret/etc} Mk XI [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg]] is the best energy against the Borg as it provides a chance at delivering 1000 radiation damage to the Borg, and has a additional changes to crit/crit severity.
(You can get Mk XI, and then eventually Mk XII, through the STF store at DS9 for EDC and Borg Salvage.)

However, not all things are equal, as different sets add to different energy weapons. Like the Jem'Hadar set(shield,engine,deflector) which adds to Polaron damage, and polaron weapons also have a chance to reduce a ships power levels, and a chance to reduce their shield levels.
Disruptors for example, have a chance to add a resistance debuff to the target, and have a chance to add to the severity of a crit.

So, Antiproton is very solid, hand down. But depending on the role you want your ship to fill, you can look at different energy types.

If you don't have a plan, then I'd lean toward the Antiproton against the Borg. ; )
Basically every weapon type is equal if you have the same weapon. That is if you get the Mk X borg weapon all energy types will do same damage. Also every energy type has the same chance to proc its bonus effect so its really about flavor more then anything else.

With that being said many people feel that Antiproton is best because instead of having a proc ability it has a higher crit rate by the same ammount. However really thats just another kind of flavor.
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