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Full Version: [Video] New Tier 6 ship details and review!!!
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In this video I talk about the Delta Operations Pack and whether or not it is worth picking up this pack. I wanted to wait until we had the most information on the ship specifications available before I did this review. So far the pack, from a cost-benefit analysis, is a great deal. You get 9 ships for $125, that's $13.88 a ship. The question then becomes are you going to use all these ships? If you have just one character, probably not. If you're like me and have 7 characters across all factions it starts to look a lot better. The last question then becomes are you willing to drop $125 on this pack?

As it stands right now I have not made up my mind on this pack but I'm willing to bet if they added just one more ship it may push me over the edge. Tell me what you think. Do you think this a good deal? Check out my video that explains much more than I could talk about here. Enjoy!!