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Full Version: [Video] New upgrade System, how much will it cost you!?!
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In this video we look at the NEW upgrade system and the costs associated with it. The NEW system will require a decent amount of Dilithium for our upgrades, in the video you will see how to maximize your Dilithium when upgrading. I hope you find this video useful. Let me know what you think of the new system as well.

(09-17-2014, 06:13 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I still can't watch videos at work, but similar to the topic, I presume that Rep stores, and fleet stores will have Mk 14 items for sale.   I wonder if it will be worth upgrading instead of buying new.

(Though, if we can upgrade the Breen set to 14, without Lobi, that sounds cool.)

I would think being able to upgrade that like from Mk 1 up, might have unintended consequences....

Oh man, wait til you get home and watch this video, you'll $%!* a brick.  No, you can't upgrade rep gear, at least in its current state.
It's great you post these videos but as Chris said not everyone can watch them. Can you post a quick summary?
(09-17-2014, 07:09 PM)robonixon Wrote: [ -> ]It's great you post these videos but as Chris said not everyone can watch them. Can you post a quick summary?
I totally understand, I used to work somewhere that I couldn't access youtube.  I would definitely check out this video though.  Basically, the Dilithium cost to upgrade you MK XII items is insane, for one item your'e looking at 10k to upgrade to MKXIII and 21k to upgrade to MKXIV and for Epic you're looking at anywhere from 32K(if your extremely lucky) to millions of Dilithium.  It's hard to really get deep into it in text.  If you're anything like me it's one thing to be told about it but it's another to see it.  Check out the video, you'll probably get sick afterward but you'll be informed about this new system.
Thanks for summarizing.
Wow, I'm speechless at the ultimate cost of the upgrades.  Not to mention the convoluted process of actually doing it.  Why they can't just have a system that says upgrade for x amount of dilithium, press this button is beyond me.  Instead you have to fabricate hundreds of these items to feed into the system, plus dilithium at each step, plus a cooldown clock, plus it still apparently will give you random modifiers.  Really makes me not want to have anything to do with any of it.
This is how F2P games work. The element of chance must be present in almost every interaction in a carefully calculated algorithm designed to extract the maximum money from you possible.


In the end it comes down to just how badly you want an upgrade done. For example: Having a Critical success on the Superior Tech Upgrade Research projects give you 3 Superior Tech upgrades. This accounts for 37,500 Tech points. An advanced Fleet Weapons requires 72,000 Tech points to be upgraded from Mk XII to XIII. Upgrading that from Mk XIII to XIV requires another 144,000 Tech points. So, in essence a upgrade to Mk XIII can be done for "just" 4,200 refined Dilithium (700 ea. per Tech upgrade kit). However, if you want to skip waiting 12 - 24 hours for the upgrade to complete, you will then have to pay tons of Dilithium.

At least the Tech upgrade research projects give us much XP as the current daily research projects.
I get that it's free to play and that they have to make money and I don't mind putting time and money into the game.  I just don't like having to put time and money into something that is then time gated and random.  If I'm going to pay for something I at least want to know what I'm getting in the end.  Maybe I'm just not understanding the system yet but that is the impression I'm getting from it.  Plus, I can't stand that they've made a whole new facebook style mini-game out of upgrading your weapons.  Why can't I just have a button to push that says it will require this many resources and be done with it?  If I wanted to play Farmville I'd go play Farmville.


(09-18-2014, 03:12 AM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]I'm glad the Mk 14 damage seems like a big bump, but the 5% upgrade chance to get an epic looks painful!
I upgraded an advanced Fleet Weapons from Mk XII to Mk XIII and then to Mk XIV. The overall increase was just 12.5%. It sure is nice, but I wouldn't consider that a "big bump".
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