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Full Version: What would it take...
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What would it take to make you subscribe to STO rather than continue using the F2P model? I personally don't think the benefits are worth giving away $10 a month ( you get $5 worth of zen back )

Now to start this is purely hypothetical, ignores the life time sub some of you have, and ignores the foundry as "content". Aside from that anything goes barring insults etc.

1. Monthly content additions with meaningful / unique rewards. Doesn't have to be ships or super consoles, I'd be happy with a odd ball weapons costume pieces or even just consumables with interesting effects.

2. Shared Account Wide Reputation. See above... longevity shouldn't = repetition and let's face it the RPG part of MMO dies the instant I go to the same place and kill the exact same baddy 50 times. If we were "hardcore" RPers we'd flip a coin to decide if our captain went down with the ship before dismissing 60% of our doff's / boff's and deleted there now destroyed ship.

3. More character slots. Three to start as a free to play is absolutely fine but at the very least double the count on subscribers. As things stand today alts really aren't a big deal... it's just too time consuming to get them back to the point your original character was at.

4. Better monthly rewards. Sure getting 500 zen is a nice little extra but 500 zen plus a few random unlocked lockboxes would be better. Heck doff packs, boost packs, or any number of little random widgets to close the 1000 zen value gap between $15 a month and just buying zen outright would be nice. 

5. Better dilithium rates. Double how much I gain and how much I can refine per day per character. There are so many dil sinks in STO this would have a near negligible impact on the game beyond quality of life.

These are just a few things off the top of my head that could lure me into paying a monthly sub... none of it will ever happen but it's fun to discuss. As things stand I just hold onto what I would have paid per month and sink it into zen from time to timebut that's not the point of the topic Smile. So what would make you feel subscribing was worth it?