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Full Version: Who did notice Antimatter Spread doesn't work anymore?
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My friends an me we are using Antimatter Spread (look against Borg tractor beam. Lately we noticed that it doesn't work on cube and some sphere. In the past it was working in any case.
Does anyone notice that? What could I use against Borg tractor beam if Antimatter Spread doesn't work fully anymore?
hahaha maybe your foes just adapted to your tactics Wink

But in all seriousness, I don't I've ever seen any of us flying the Galaxy Retro around. I might be mistaken
I don't know what is a Galaxy retro. Smile My ship is a dreadnought. Do you mean dreadnought is a galaxy retro?
You get the antimatter spread from the Exploration Cruiser Refit, which I just call the Galaxy Refit instead of Retro >_> I screwed that up Tongue
Thanks for your explanation Smile My english is as second language. Also I'm both new and noob.
At the end I stopped using this antimatter spread console. I found an interesting engineering console which helps me a lot against those Borgs sphere.