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Full Version: Tier 6 Ships?
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The thing is, the ship design aesthetics in Star Trek have always been changeable. The Reliant in Wrath of Khan looked nothing like the Enterprise, except in having a saucer and a couple of nacelles. The Bird of Prey in Search for Spock looks nothing like the TOS D7s. The D'deridex class look nothing like the Romulan ships in TOS. The Galaxy class, while having the same basic configuration as the Constitution, is far more organic-looking, with no sharp angles anywhere and a non-circular saucer. The Sovereign and Intrepid classes are far more enlongated and streamlined than anything we've seen out of Starfleet before, and the Defiant is more closely related, visually speaking, to the Romulan ship from Balance of Terror than anything that came out of Utopia Planitia.
Funny enough... I could completely pass on tier 6 ships. Sure bump the level cap and add the specialization to the game. Tie the new abilities into that and make them ship type required. I'd LOVE to have more customization options added to the ships... costume nacels that provide +turn, costume armor plating for +hull, ect. Another actual tier of ship is just trolling the current long term player base... sure every time WoW releases a new level cap expansion it kind of works out the same way (two years at $15 a month is $360 down the drain) but for some reason it seems more ****headish in STO.

But back to the original post. I just can't figure out what kinds of ships they'll actually add... from what technobabble lore I've been able to decipher we already have access to the most technologically advanced ships for the time line. My original joke about Undine Planet Killers with Tac Cubes for hangar pets kind of stands... what theh ell else can they actually add without breaking too far from Trek lore?

Could the new tier 6 ships just be Borg / Undine / Ect hybrids? I mean we kind of already have that with the rep rewards system but I can certainly picture that as a plausible addition that would explain "special powers". Or do you think they're just going to bump the time line a smidge and say the new latest and greatest additions to fleets are (insert technobabble ship type here)?
My guess for what the tier 6 ships will actually have to differentiate them from the current ships? Probably a small bump in hull and shield mod with an extra clicky power, sort of like how some of the shuttles/fighters come with a clicky power like cannon rapid fire, etc. That or they will come with an extra boff ability (like replacing the ensign slot with a lieutenant slot). Probably won't see 11 console slots, at least not right away (that will be the T6.5 ships which will inevitably be coming down the road). As for designs, probably not much different than what we see now. I think from a storyline perspective these will just be the latest ships to come out of production, designed with the new delta quadrant threats in mind.
There has always been 3 for Feds would of been nice to see a more original design.
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