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Full Version: Best day for STF
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When day would be best for a fleet STF.
I picked Saturday, but really any day can be good for me.
I picked Friday. But most days are ok, although my mom randomly makes me get off the computer, so yea.
What rank min is required? I can do most days from 14:00--21:00 UTC, unless I have medical emergencies, appts, exams, surgeries, etc.

What time must we commit? It's not unusual for me to require a 10--20 min medical break.

other than that, I'm fine with any day :cry: (sad b/c I'd *rather* be less available, back at work+school+teaching than sitting around in pain at my mother's house! At least I get the benefit of STO! Smile )

I've never done a STF and am anxious to know what they're all about! But if you don't want a mediocre player (though I can respec, have good gear, and three level III ground abilities to use/train), I understand. I could be a medic or exposer if needed — just need to know which kit to equip. My medical tricorder is now a very powerful heal, and my tricorder scan a good debuff.
STFs usually take a few hours and are just missions with 5 players, no bridge officers. I believe Rear Admiral is the minimum rank so you can do them. Although you have to start with Infected. We did that mission last week so the next one is... I forgot the name of it lol. We'll be doing Infected again though.

When we did Infected it took us about 2 hours I think. We took one 10 minute break and then another 5 minute break before the last battle. Although the time between those breaks was about 30 minutes, maybe less.
I would *love* to do one, such as Infected. I could hope to commit to a 120 min play with a couple short breaks (though I might need 30 sec to swallow/inject medicine depending on things).

My problem is that it looks as though they were at 23:00 UTC (IIRC) — i.e., around 7pm EDT for the cohort living in arguably the game's largest timezone by population, viz., the Eastern United States and Canada (though neither the easternmost portion of Canada nor the majority of players, it does represent about 1/2 of the USA's population and probably an even greater portion of Canada's and thus likely a plurality. By comparison, PDT has roughly 50 million in the US, though I guess Cryptic is there! If UT1 and UTC+1 were on the same timezone, they'd probably put up stiff competition, but I don't think too many in our fleet speak German or French. Wink )

Back on topic, I can only start from about 13:30--18:30 UTC b/c of medical reasons. But it's pretty much the same irrespective of day. Perhaps we could have another poll for obtaining a time in that window if the day were ok. But if you need the later starting time, perhaps I could try getting some players from the UK, who wouldn't object to the much earlier times. :?:

I haven't the ability to set up Fleet Events (or send Fleet mail), so perhaps I shall create another poll with that time window in mind.

Anyway, good job on the last one and good luck on the next!

-- Officer Kailath, RALH, USS Rondo (Star Cruiser. Need to update my sig!)
Starting in July I'll be back to my rotating schedule, so times for me vary on a weekly basis. I'll always be willing to try to help out if I'm on and there is an open spot, but I don't think I'll vote because it's just too random for me. If there is room though, I'd be happy to jump in sometimes, never did any STFs, so I'm still a noob at this part of the game.