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Full Version: Why is it so difficult to become member of any fleet?
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I don't understand something about fleets.
I'm admiral (50 or 51, I don't remember :lol: .
I have 5465 accolade points.
I played all episodes, include featured episode.
I played more than 90 STF Confusedhock:
There is 2 things I don't do. I don't craft because it's little bit boring. I don't play pvp because My dreadnought is little bit weak against big KG battleship.
There is one thing against me. I play STO as gold player for only 100 days :? I'm new and I'm a noobs.

So when I ask people invite me in their own fleet. They say no or they put me on to ignore.
So then why is it so difficult to become member of any fleet?
What's the requirments needed to become members of fleet?
Is it because I'm a noob?
are you in this fleet? If you are already in a fleet you have to be more convincing to join a new one. Also a lot of fleets have websites with application threads and requirements to join.
To be honest. I gave up.
I'm little bit tired contact many people to get invitation for fleet and no answer.
It's lilttle bit childish thought. But I think that if fleet was a good thing. It wouldn't be so difficult to become member. So then. What is bad is not for me.
People doesn't want simple player in their own fleet. It's ok for me. Anyway. It's possible to have solo career.
If I may, I'll re-ask BlakMage's question. Are you in this fleet? It was easy for me to join, just PM a member of the fleet in-game asking to be invited and you're in. By the sounds, we're probably one of the easiest fleets to join, in addition to being the most friendly and helpful Big Grin
Kairu is correct. STO Academy is one of the easiest fleets to join. All you have to do is be invited by ANY member of the fleet and then accept the invitation. I have had contact with a number of fleets and have even joined three or four. Most of them were a total waste of time. Several had died months or years ago and were only listed on the STO fleet list because no one had bothered to remove them. Others had elaborate rules like "Thou shalt not have any alts in any other fleets" or "To become a fleet member you must send a message to this forum which you cannot send messages to because you are not yet a fleet member."

As soon as I send this message to the forum, I will go back into the game and if you are online, I will invite you to the fleet.

I tried twice to send in-game mail confirming that I had invited you to the fleet. When I sent it to Lars [email protected], I got a response from the STO mail system saying "user olivetree not found." When sent it to [email protected] Veers, I got a message saying "user Lars Veers not found."

I don't know if you are using a different user name on STO from the one you are using on the forum, or if STO has mislisted your ingame user name, but anyone inviting you to a fleet will need to know what user name to send the invitation to in order to invite you to the fleet.

It is sad that it is hard for you to join a fleet. My fleet, House of beautiful Orion girls, is if fact, the easiest fleet to join if you are Orion and female. As soon as you join all recruits are promoted to member. All members have the power to recruit. Started after f2p hit, we are the fastest growing fleet quickly exceeding 177 members.