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Full Version: How to block/ignore someone?
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Hi everyone.
There is someone I wish to block or ignore either. However I don't want to hurt their feelings. When I put him on to "ignore". Do I appear offline to him?

Sorry if this question is over-asked. But this people is a colleague of mine. He makes the game boring. He harass me and he flood my chat. I'm not interested in his fleet nor playing episode with him.
Thanks in advance for your replies!
Unfortunately olivetree i am 90% sure that when you ignore someone in game that it tells them you are ignoring them. Have you tried just telling him that you are not interested?

As to how to actually do it pull up the social tab, search for their name, then right click and select ignore player
May seem less "mean" if you offer an alternative. I'm always bored playing alone, so can send them my way if all they want is a gaming buddy.
My colleague is arrogant player. He doesn't play for the game. He plays to earn the better stuff, the better score, much accolade. Just to show off at job he's the best. I'm not this kind of player. I'm enjoyed playing STF (normal or elite) with people and having Good Game. I enjoy to play again and some episodes. I enjoy help unknow people to finnish hard episode. I really don't care if Borg set is better than MACO. I don't run to get all of fed starship. My dreadnought is fine for me. But I can't tell him go away because we work in the same office Sad
It's a really big problem for me. LAst week end I didn't play much because of him. He flooded my chat console...
Another option could easily be closing the chat window. It's the first thing I thought of. It won't show any dialogue and chats from anyone except the system and/or fleet notifications. Should your colleague ask why you weren't replying, simply say: "I had my chat window closed." And leave it at that. Sounds like the least hostile way to handle the situation, imo