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Full Version: Interesting note about Fleet uniforms going free-
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Cool! Unless we run into a problem that the new fleet uniform looks better than the Odyssey lol



In my opinion, they should allow Romulans again to wear the Fleet Uniforms of their respective Allies. Sad


Just checked on Tribble. Romulans are still only able to buy the Odyssey / Bortasqu' Uniforms as a Bridge Crew Uniform Pack only, which means that it also only be worn by Starfleet or KDF BOFFs.
Am I the only person who doesn't actually like the Odyssey uniform?
Nope, I don't care for it either.
I think it's the coloured band across the chest, it's too reminiscent of Wesley's cadet uniform before he left for the Academy.
I am just curious where the dress and tactical variants of the uniforms are at? Looking at the pics of how to create them, they show alt versions of the models themselves, but I cannot seem to use them.
You need to get them from the fleet starbase tailor
OK, my fleets starbase is not quite to having a tailor yet, so now I know why I do not see em. TY.
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