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Full Version: parser on Mac?
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I own a mac and am having trouble installing my parser. Here is the readme.txt, followed by the problems and questions that i am having.

- How to install -

This program is written in Java. You don't need to install it. It will run on any system.

Note: You need to have installed a current Version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Please use JRE 7 or higher.

(You can download it here:

1. To use this program, unpack the .zip-File to a directory of your choise and doubleclick on the CombatLogReader.jar file. If java is installed correctly, the programm will start.

- How to use -

his program is developed to read CombatLog.Log files created by Star Trek Online (STO).

2. To create a CombatLog file, use the "/combatLog 1" command (without "" !) in the chat window of STO before a fight.

(Note: You have to use the command every time you log in the game)

3. After fighting you can use the "/CombatLog 0" command (without ""!) in the chat window to stop STO writing into the CombatLog.

(Note: You don't need to stop the CombatLog, but it may make the results better. Otherwise things like using a Tribble or Hypo in social zones (by any player) will be documented, too! That may distort the statistics.)

4. Find the path to your CombagLog.Log file. (the end will be "...\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient\CombatLog.Log" but you will need the whole path)

5. Copy the whole path (inclusive "\CombatLog.Log" into the text field of the CombatLog Reader (under the label "Path to CombatLog.log..." or use the "browse manuelly" button.

6. Click on the "Read CombatLog" button to start interpreting the CombatLog file.

my problems arise at the fact that this should work for all systems (as noted) but directing my mac to the combat log.log files is troublesome. i don't know where it is located, i've done a search in finder, i've looked through my library too. i can find /applicationsupport/steam/startrekonline but that just leads me to the STO.exe there are no other files or folders in that directory.

bottom line, if you can help me solve this, please walk me through it. OR if you're a mac owner and have a parser, please inform me of which parser you use and how to get it working.
Well, I've never tried it on a mac, but I also struggled to find the file when setting up my first parser. Problem was the file simply didn't exist and following their instructions to create the file didn't work for me. It didn't create a log file until I actually went into the game and ran a mission with /combatlog 1 running. After that I was able to find the file right were it was supposed to be. I hope this helps but like said I haven't tried a mac so it could be a completely different issue.
The file is not created until your first combat after activating.
i've done the above, started STO, /combatlog 1, start STF, end STF, /combatlog 0

searched my mac for combatlog.log with no results.
here is the path to STO, loaded by default by steam.

~/library/application support/steam/steamapps/common/Star Trek Online

once in there, only star trek online.exe is in there, no other supporting files, no logs, just the exe.

the other path i have is

~/library/application support/Star Trek Online
this is the shortcut in my apps i created, which this one has a config, dyndata.reg, ftfontcashe, a p_drive, system.reg, tg_config_version, tg_mozctl_version, update_gamekeys.reg, user.reg, userdef.reg, and a wine server folder which also has no other combatlog.log or anything relevant.

from what i've noticed. there should exist (atleast it does on windows) the following:


on the Mac, the path ends just prior to that at /common/Star trek online

so frustrating. anyone who uses a mac, please chime in. (please no, use wine)

so i made the dummy folders leading to the .../GameClient/Combatlog.log . the alias (shortcut) did not read in the parser. however, i did manage a work-around and it works. it just takes some prep, and a few extra steps.

1. keep open in Finder, the original CombatLog.log by the "show packaged content"

2. Open another window of Finder (File, New Window in Finder) and navigate to the dummy folder .../logs/GameClient/Combatlog.log

3. Open the parser and direct it to the dummy folder.../logs/GameClient/CombatLog.log

4. When you want to get the results from the STF, just copy the original, then paste into the dummy folder within the other opened Finder window.

5. Run the Parser, and it should work.

a week of figuring this out and i finally got it. its not as smooth as it should be, but it still does work. I hope this helps all the other Mac Users who are wanting to monitor their DPS.
Thank you very much for this Rake.
With your suggestions I managed to get the Combat Log Reader to work.
I found a way without copying and pasting but it was do to all the hard work Rake did to start with. Once you navigate to combat.log file in finder by showing package contents then right click on it and choose "get info". Under the General area you see a "Where" section copy that path and paste into path for parser worked for me. If you need help feel free to post or email me. Thanks again Rake for starting the idea I have Mac and Win machines and now just need to click button on both!
After Thursday's update, the combat log feature does not seem to work for me anymore. Sad

I start and stop the logging as usual (by typing /CombatLog 1 and then /CombatLog 0) but then when I go to the "GameClient" folder there is no combatlog file to be found.

Are other Mac users having this issue too? Or is it just me?

EDIT: I restarted my computer and my combatlog file is there again. I have now explanation...but the problem solved itself.
glad to hear everythings working