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Full Version: Wich mission could I get Red Matter Capacitor?
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Hi everyone.
Sorry to make you in trouble with my noob question :oops:

A friend on STO told me that Red Matter Capacitor device could improve my dreadnought. Unfortunately he doesn't remember where and which mission he got this device. By the way on I noticed on the skill planner build sharing that many people use this device. So then I searched on the STO wiki some information to know which mision I could get it. But no way. It doesn't say which episode or which mission. In other words I can't find information about. I looked on the "Exchange". No way Sad
Does anyone knows which episode or mission I can get it?
You don't get it from a mission unfortunately. It was/is a reward that you get out of the collectors edition of the game box. I found a copy of the collectors edition on amazon for $9 after shipping which is where i got mine. And there wont be any on the exchange as it is bind on pickup.

On a side note two devices that I highly recommend for any ship, and I use on my dreadnought, are the Subspace Field Modulator and Scorpion Fighters both of which are rewards from missions. Subspace is gotten from "skirmish" the first devidan mission and Scorpion fighters from "The Vault" one of the later missions in the Romulan episodes.

Also the <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow is a great site for trying to find where items come from as all the ones I have looked for on there so far its said where and how to get them.
Collector's Edition? What did it contain? I got some special box myself, just no idea what. It had a cool communicator-pin and the CD in a book that contained artwork of the game.
that would be it millwilkinson. Should have had a code for you to enter?