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Full Version: Patch Notes June 4 2014
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Tricobalt and Bio-Molecular mines now have Radius modifiers as well which should be a buff for mine-users. One balance change stood out to me: Fed Tac/Sci captains who have the Plasma Manifold console from the Oberth class may want to look at using it again, as it got a significant buff. Especially with not sharing a C/D with batteries any more, it is possible to run high power for much longer now by cycling other batteries along with Leech and/or A2B. Smile
  • Enhanced Plasma Manifold (Oberth Console):
    • No longer shares a cooldown with Batteries.
    • Now affects Engine subsystems in the same manner as existing Aux/Shield bonuses.
    • Now grants immunity to Shields, Engines, and Aux offline for full duration.
    • Now grants +10 Maximum Shield, Engine, and Aux power for full duration.
    • Increased base power bonus from 33 to 50, and gains additional benefit from the Starship Batteries skill.
    • Base duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds, but now gains more benefit from the Starship Batteries skill.
My reaction when i read the patch note was "how much is the oberth "
500zen, super cheap

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It is worth it, ran it on an escort last night for giggles and it was great when cycled with Red Matter and other EPt skills.