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Full Version: Fleet Help
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I really need help with some basic things. I'd like to see Admiral Attilio's opinions/editorials on things on the STOA site, but I know he's busy. I thought perhaps fellow Fleet members could help one another.

For starters, I'd like
  • Someone to help me when it's time to respec (some critical eyes on my SP tree)

  • People's opinions/observations about weapons/armor/shields/BOff skills etc. (Polaron? Phaser? Photons? Quantum mines? Vascular Regenerator? Polyalloy Weave? Energy Dampening? Confusedhock: )

  • Some sort of meet up wherein we could train Fleetmate's BOffs. I can train to level III in Medical Tricorder, Gravimetric Shifft, and Tricorder Scan. It's my understanding that we can de-equip our BOffs, mail/trade them, and have another Captain train them in a level III skill. It'd be very nice if we could somehow do this. It could help us all.

  • Space and ground combat techniques. I die FAR more quickly than I should. Clearly I'm doing something terribly wrong! Maybe I'd be better off in a cruiser?

    Those are just some preliminary things/concepts. I probably didn't word things right, but I hope we can figure out a way to offer tips/help to our fellow Fleetmates. Maybe I'm alone in this, and I already *have* received a GREAT DEAL of help completing the episode reruns. (Thanks! 8-) )