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Full Version: Is this a new adaptation by the Borg??
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I am aware of knowledge of a bug which removes items from the skill tray.
I am not sure that it is known that the issue is becoming more prevalent. My
skill tray, as well as parts of my ship build (weapons) and officers are being
removed at an ever increasing rate. I wonder if there are others who were
thought to be "AFK" when they were in fact rebuilding their ship which was
dismantled by the program bug.. Its not fun having to not "beam down" to
anywhere knowing that when I return, my ship will be dismantled.Or going into a
battle and finding out that my weapons have been removed from my ship. This is
quickly making the game into an unplayable state. I don't know if its just me or
others have this issue. I truly hope it is repaired soon.. Am I alone with this
issue? Is it something in my system making this worse? I would very much
appreciate any input..
I have also had major issues with this recently. It is to the point where almost every time I transition maps it removes my skills now. Seems to happen especially often when transwarping.

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I agree, this has been pretty annoying. I've actually seen some improvement lately, though I have no idea why. I can only assume that after rebuilding 50 times and saving my build it finally "took". I do still have one or two items that randomly get dropped on map changes but it's not nearly as bad as it once was for me.
I tried a number of suggested fixes from the fleet last night and nothing worked for me. Hopefully it gets addressed soon.

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No fix this week. The patch notes had it still listed under "known issues", though they only list captain and boff powers and not equipment. I know I've had issues with powers and equipment as many others have as well. Hopefully we won't be waiting too much longer.

They did unfortunately fix the best bug in STO history. No more random equipment duplication. I'm a bit sad about that. In one 5 minutes stretch not long after the launch of season 9 I ran into that bug and ended up turning one tachyokinetic converter into 5. I also ended up with extra copies of plasmonic leach and a handful of other equipment (engines, deflectors...). I made a nice little bit of ec from that bug.
This morning, I did yet another Tholian Red Alert. Only to enter the map with my skill tray nearly completely gone. If you can pardon my language, I had my ass handed to me and left with no reward for the fourth time. I reassert that (at least for me) this makes the game unplayable. I believe this fix should take high presidency over uniform or other fixes, as it is corrupting basic game functionality. Just my humble opinion. I do understand resources may be limited. But this, however is keystone from a business standpoint.

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I seem to see a slight improvement in this bug in as much as I can more often transfer through sectors with little or no adverse effects to my ship. The issue persists when transitioning to space from ground . Transitioning into or out of the Dyson sphere is still a guaranteed ship scramble however. Therefore, I have had to avoid that area as well .
On advice from Mal I made sure to set up loadouts for all my characters and ships and this seems to have greatly decreased the incidence of the bug, and if it does occur I can just swap the loadout back.
That sounds like a great idea. I have been constantly re-saving my loadout. I simply just haven't been bright enough to try using it... Thankyou !! I sure will try this next scramble..

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Works well for putting weapons and consouls back on, but doesn't rebuild my skill tray.

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