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Full Version: Bodly They Rode Screenshots
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Here is a screenshot I took as Myself, Messor, and Landing played through "Boldly They Rode" yesterday right after the mission went live. We are all dancing the robot on the hull of DS9 :lol:
LOL I would love to play this with 5 people
is 9 times not enough for you attilio? lol
hahaha i guess not
how do you dance?
briansun1 Wrote:how do you dance?
There are two ways to do emotes. The first is to click the little picture of three people next to your chat box, this will open up an options list which has the emotes on it.

The second is to type /e "whatever type of thing you want to do" and a list will pop up
For example /e dance will bring up a list of dances. /e sit will bring up a list of ways to sit.
I'm the suit on the left. :-D
I must say I've done only a few missions as a group but this one, with members of STO Academy, was by far the best! a team of great guys made the mission all the better.

I had fun! thanks!
Landing: I think you were the one in the middle, but I couldn't tell Smile

I'm glad you had fun, we did too. Feel free to join us for other events. I'm always doing "Vault" runs and those are generally a lot of fun with a group.
Chris I am 95% sure that Scorpion fighters are unique and thus you can only have one at a time. But you use them rather quickly so I know I am up for Vault runs on a frequent basis cause nothing wrong with having a full group of scorps.