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Full Version: Fleet Tac Escort torp boat
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Would love some feedback on my Fleet Tac Escort Torp boat:

I may drop one of the fore torps for another destabilized tetryon DHC due to the refire on the multiple torps sharing a global cooldown, I haven't tested this in a while though to determine the best option.
That looks interesting. I've never done a torpedo build but I have seen others use some of the torps that aren't affected by boff abilities in the front to avoid some of the cool down issues, like the Hargh'Peng and the Bio-Neural Warhead. I've never tested that out though so take what I say with a grain of salt.
I had thought about doing that as well. I've used tricobalts and/or the chroniton heavy torp from the Lobi store in varying iterations of this build as well, since they do spread and THY now.

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You could trade in an energy weapon front easily enough. Four torps could definitely get a bit janky. You could take a beam array and shield/engine subsystem targeting, if you wanted? That might work.

Also, isn't photonic officer garbage? I'd take like.. Tractor Beam/Hazards, and then EpTE+EpTS in the engie slots (with DCEs).
I can switch out PO for a tractor as that would help lock down. It looks like I saved the wrong copy as I thought I did that and also should have a destabilized tetryon DHC up front in place of the fleet photon.

The shield subsystem targeting could work, I may try that out.

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