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Full Version: Surface Tension - spoilers
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So looks like the KDF/FED war is over! About time really

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(04-22-2014, 08:01 PM)Chris Wrote: [ -> ]Hey all,

I'm still slaving away at work, but it sounds like the servers are up, and some folks have already finished the new featured episode, Surface Tension.

Reports say that the episode is totally excellent. I hope to be able to get in and check it out tonight.

Anyway, this is a thread where we can talk about the episode, but there will be spoilers so I don't want anything to be ruined. Don't read this thread until you have finished the episode!

Hello, just one spoiler, an Iconian in the end


We are finally in the year 2410. Hooray!
Totally forgot about the undine tribble! I believe I still have one in my bank!

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I finally got to play this tonight. Pretty cool Wondering if the end of the war means we'll soon be able to do cross faction teaming. That would be one of the best things they could do for us in my humble opinion. As for the mission itself there is one thing that bugged me. I can't stand having combat interrupted by cut scenes. Don't get me wrong. I like the scenes, just wish it didn't pull me out of combat right in the middle of it. I ended up missing out on a lot of loot because of it.
What really shocked me was ensign egg's true identity, I mean that really surprised me!