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Full Version: My Torpedo boat bird of prey high in dps
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Hi all I want to share with you my bop torpedo boat build,
Its a build I have been working for some time,
The idea of this build is to get the best out of your torpedoes and to have low CD.

I would like to thanks cmdrskyfaller for info on his bop torpedo boat and dontdrunkimshoot for all his help on pvp

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I've always been curious about torpedo boats. I've never tried building one. What kind of dps can someone get from a torpedo boat build?
Torp boats can be really effective especially on unshielded targets or in a team with heavy shield drain. The DPS is generally lower but I have a few builds that are heavy on the transphasics and cluster torps that are decent DPS (8-10K probably in ESTFs, more depending on my teammates' builds) and have also done good work with a photon-heavy build (fast reload times plus tetryons to remove shields faster) and plasma-heavy build (high DOT).

That being said, as much as I love the transphasic cluster torp it doesn't get any bonus from your consoles here. It counts as mines and not as a torp once it explodes and that's where the majority of the damage comes from. Maybe you could replace it with a Tricobalt? The cooldowns on both are roughly the same I believe.

I'm assuming you're using 3 projectile doffs to lower your reload, and in that case the way you've laid out the torps is intelligent; you want the longest-CD ones firing first then having a faster-CD torp towards the end like Gravimetric/Romulan here to cause the torp doff proc to occur more frequently, as it lowers the CD on ALL torps whenever it procs regardless of which one set it off.

Bonus points for use of spatial charges here as well, although you lose a console slot for it they can really pound big targets into submission and can help to keep your DPS up when you are on CD for your big torps. I don't think they benefit from the torp consoles either from my testing though.


Once upon a time, I had Torp build on my B'rel Retro with 3x Rapid Reload Transphasic and a Bio-Neural Warhead up front and the Breen Cluster Torpedo and the Hargh'peng in the rear. It was fun. I found the Bio-Neural ideal for distracting the Targets. It was like "Oh Shit, Bio-Neural incoming! Shoot it down!". It was particularly effective against Carriers, as their Pets tried to intercept the Bio-Neural.
I used the Breen Space Set to boost the Transphasic Damage back then. However, a lot changed since then (Nukara Web Mines, Graviometric Photon Torpedoes, etc.).

Although I do not like Torpedo builds anymore, I do like yours. Adding the Subspace Integration Circuit, the Spatial Charges and the Aceton Assimilators is nasty. Smile
On the topic of a torpedo boat, I've just recently levelled my Sci Rommie toon (KDF-aligned), and he's gotten the Tvaro Retrofit (with the Vice Admiral Token), but sadly since I've just reached 50 I've little access to EC/Rep/Fleet items.

I've read up that Sci toons are usually better off using a plasma build, but I was wondering if a transphasic build would work well in the short run (Breen cluster/rapid reload trans/2 pc Breen set bonus) would do fine, before moving on to a more hardier set like 2 pc KHG set. Also, I'm wondering if mixing up photons (like the gravimetric and the upcoming Undine Bio-Molec Photon) with the Proton Particle set for the 2pc Photon Torp damage bonus would work, or if using 1 type of torp would work better. Lastly, I'm not sure what would work better for aft weapons- mines or torps.

Would love any advice from you veteran torp boat builders around, much appreciated!