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Full Version: Getting Damage Out Of An Engineer
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So despite my best efforts I have not managed to get good damage numbers out of my character Maggie and her Tactical Odyssey. (Why Tactical? I've got plenty of defense but I wanted more damage.) I can stay alive in single pvp against a talented TAC for a good half hour, but I can't manage to score a kill. So below is my build. I'm open to any suggestions to get more damage out of her.

Thanks for reading,

What you've got there looks fairly solid, though you might want to drop the torpedoes on an Odyssey as you're unlikely to be maneuverable enough to bring them to bear a lot. However, without knowing what consoles and boff powers you're using it's hard to be more specific. Information on your space doffs would also be helpful.
Space doffs are needed. In terms of what you have for skills, you should be able to drop about 30K points out of your ground skills and kill Driver Coil also in favor of spending another 36K points elsewhere to max out your tac skills in space. You could also switch to a full beam build and drop the two torps as you're in a Oddy which will be tough to keep on target for torps anyhow. Then you can spec all into beams and drop the projectile skills for space also, allowing you to redeploy into even more defense or power or whatever else you desire.
I just checked my build and there's something buggy going on. I did put in all the console information, and saved the build, but it doesn't show up when refreshed. I re-entered the info and it did the same thing. Huh

ENGINEERING: Enhanced Neutronium Alloy MK XII [+Turn] ; Enhanced Neutronium Alloy MK XII [+Hull Rep] ; Enhanced RCS Accelerator MK XII [+AllRes] ; (Universal) Assimilated Module

SCIENCE: Emitter Array MK XII [HuH] [-Th] ; Emitter Array MK XII [ShH] [-Th] ; (Universal) Aquarius Escort

TACTICAL: Vulnerability Locator MK XII [+AP] ; Vulnerability Locator MK XII [+AP] ; Vulnerability Locator MK XII [+PlP]


Lieutenant Commander Universal (ENG): Emergency Power to Weapons 1 ; Engineering Team II ; Emergency Power To Shields III

Ensign Universal (TAC): Beam Array Fire At Will 1

Lieutenant Tactical: Torpedo Spread 1 ; Beam Array Overload II

Commander Engineering: Emergency Power To Shields 1 ; Reverse Shield Polarity 1 ; Engineering Team III ; Directed Energy Modulation III

Lieutenant Science: Polarize Hull 1 ; Hazard Emitters II


1) Chance to reduce time to recharge torpedoes
2) Chance for Beam Overload to cause all attacks on target to gain 30% Shield Penetration
3) Recharge time on Bridge Officer abilities reduced
4) Recharge time reduced on all transwarp abilities.
5) Increases crew recovery in combat when crew is below 75%
I'd drop your ET2 for Aux2Bat for a beam-heavy build, especially if you make the other changes I suggested. Maybe swap positions on BFAW1 and BO2 as well, depending on what you plan to do with this. You can also drop your torp doff if you make the other changes I suggested in favor of faster beam special attack cooldown or another technician doff since that only procs on the Aux2Bat if I recall.


Your additional 63+ % Turn Rate may be enough to utilize those Plasma Torps, however I also advice to replace them with Beams. You could try a Dual Beam Bank up front for addtional Damage. However you decide, replace your VL [+PlP] Console with another VL [+AP] Console. Your Beams are your primary Weapons and I think +95.7 % AP Damage is preferable to 63.8% AP Damage. Also, you may consider getting a 6th Active Space DOFF Slot from the Fleet Spire, once it is completed.
Okay, I'm following most of this and it sounds great, but I have no idea what Aux2Bat is. *^_^*
Aux2Bat is a great skill that dumps out your Aux power into your other 3 power sources to increase them for a short period of time, as well as enabling faster skill recharge with those Technician doffs you have.

If you aren't using Aux, this is a useful way to get a more aggressive stance for a few seconds. Running two copies of it means you can keep it up full time but one suffices for most builds just fine.
If your looking for PvP build advice there are a few sample Odyssey builds here:

As for general damage advice I'd second dumping at least one of the torpedoes in favor of another beam array. It's tough to do good consistent damage going back and forth between broadsiding and hitting with the torp. With my own builds, when I use beam arrays I don't use any torpedoes because it's almost impossible to use all 8 weapons at once on a single target. I'd also replace the Aquarius console with any one of these: Zero Point Energy Conduit, Tackyokinetic Conveter or Plasmonic Leach. Outside of PvP you could probably use all three in place of some of the defensive consoles. Also, TP is absolutely right about replacing the +PIP console with another +AP.

I know that the rep system will be changing with season 9, but I see that you went with defensive on at least some. With an Odyssey you really don't need any more defense than you already have, so I'd go with all offensive passives there.

A couple of your doffs need to be changed. The technician doff the reduces time for bridge officer abilities only does so when you are using the eng boff ability aux. to battery (which was mentioned above). So, it's not doing anything for your build as it is (see post above on aux-to-bat). The transwarp doff does nothing in battle. Use it in sector space but replace before battle. Any of the doffs mentioned in previous posts above will be helpful.
Some good advice above.

1. If you want to do AtB (you don't have to!) get a couple of purple tech doffs from the B'tran cluster mission (say something if that doesn't make sense), take two copies of lieutenant AtB.

2. Ditch that omni-directional beam array and take another beam array.

3. Get the Maco shields if you can. Two piece Borg and Maco shields is pretty much one of the best all-rounder setups at the moment.

4. Trade Overload for FAW - you don't care about spike damage, you care about dps. FAW wins, especially with AtB.

5. Assuming AtB, take 3 tech doffs, a Damage Control doff and something else.

6. I would consider taking Tac team instead of torp spread, but it's your call. Could go either way.

7. Feel free to disregard this advice.
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