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Full Version: Character class in other shiptypes?
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Hi there.

I started a Klingon tactical character and so far I've had fun but also some difficulties adapting to the fast and lightly armored escort (I'm used to eng/cruiser), so I was thinking... Would a tactical officer be any good in a cruiser or maybe even a science vessel?

Or what about the other classes, like science and engineer in an escort or cruiser/science vessel?

I have a tactical toon focused on using cruisers, and so far the results have been great, I am having an absolute ball.

Great with a wee aux2bat build!

I also hear tactical captains can be fairly efficient in science vessels too, but I am yet to try that out
All classes and ships go good together. The real trick is playing and learning your weaknesses so you can compensate for it.

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Thanks for the answers.

I found out that the KDF had a ship that looked like a mix of an escort and a cruiser when I reached Lt.Cmdr.
Looking forward to try out my new Raptor in the next few days. Smile
Raptors are your standard escorts.
BoPs are Raiders - even faster and lighter, flexible loadouts.
Battlecruisers are like Fed cruisers but better because guns. Tacs do just fine in them.
Thanks for pointing that out for me.
The things I've tried and had a good time with:

Tac + Science Vessel (with like, three RCS consoles..... UNTOUCHABLE!)
Tac + Mirror Patrol Escort (Tried and true, yeah, but still I love it)

Science + Escort (Was fun, but you need LOTS of Armor Consoles)
Science + Crusiser (With Jemmie stuff)
Science + Long Range Refit/Recon Sci Vessels (Bloody excellent.... Get Jemmie stuff, and tack on Armor and a couple of RCS, along with lots of shield and armor piercing)

Eng + Sci Vessel (Fun, but you gotta spam those Eng heals)
Eng + Crusier (For obvious reasons)

Also, glad to see new faces...
Thanks for your input.

I'm currently flying a Mirror Negh'Var Heavy Battlecruiser and I think I'm doing fine in it - not awesome, just fine.
I may be because of my fit, but I'll make a new thread about that someday.