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Full Version: Species traits being changed a little
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Species traits will be changed to function like reputation traits, as in you won't need a respec token anymore and can pick and choose what you want, when you want. So load up on ground traits for ground stuffs then switch back to space traits for space stuffs. Also we will only be able to change our traits in sector space and ground social maps like ESD, DS9, Drozana station, etc. so we won't be able to change them in the middle of a mission or PVP match to gain an advantage over whatever we're shooting at. (Personally I'm fine with that, even thought I don't PVP)
There are a couple things in that post that I really like. One, I'm a big fan of being able to swap species traits. I've always maxed out my space traits, leaving me a lot less effective in ground missions. Now we'll be able to max out either depending on what we are doing. This in my mind is a great change as it won't force you to specialize quite so much on ground/space. The other thing I noticed is something I know TP will like. They are putting the Adaption Delay back in.


You are right, I like it. What I really like is that now, I can setup my Traits specifically for Space and Ground actions. I just hope, that we can save that way. Big Grin
I haven't read anywhere yet that I can remember saying they will have something similar to ship loadouts (in other words, the ability to save personal loadouts) but I'm guessing that is something they will be working on. Knowing that they are actually doing away with some revenue generating things here I'm thinking they will try to make up for that with a loadout system where you get a couple free slots and the ability to purchase more much like the ship loadout feature.