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Full Version: Tour The Galaxy
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Since Tour was revamped, I'm sure a lot of people have been experimenting with different routes. What sort of times are people getting? I finally got to do my new route with DI active today and shaved nearly a minute of my previous record - finished the run in 9:11.
I haven't run it since the revamp. How much can you earn in a run now?
You get 25K EC per sector block, plus a bonus of 25K for clearing 3, 6, 9, 12 and 14 blocks. You also get 35 Exploration and 25 Trade CXP per block, the same for each of the bonuses and a final bonus of 50 Exploration, 50 Trade, 40 Recruitment and 30 Development.

All in, 475K EC, 715 Exploration, 525 Trade, 40 Recruitment, 30 Development.


I need to start running this. I'm currently using my max level character to farm EC for a new character I'm setting up for Marauding and this would be a huge help for that and help me to level up my commendations a little faster.